Sue Hansen Speaks

Over the last 2 decades Sue has consulted with, educated and motivated hundreds of clients. She loves the profession she chose (or perhaps it chose her). She’s no spring chicken, but here’s what you get with Sue…


Working with a wide range of audiences to hear what is important to them, what motivates them, the struggles and challenges they are having with work, families and individual development.


Years of working with teams of brilliant people (ok not all were brilliant) to discover unique qualities of teams, how they can work better together and how they can conquer any issue that stands between the team and the goal.


A direct, no nonsense approach-adorned with a sense of humor that will insure that we don’t take matters way too seriously. Really folks this is life and sometimes it all doesn’t fall into place like we think it should or according to the plan.

If you need a speaker, consultant, and educator to infuse your team with sound advice in a no BS way while having fun in the process, Sue’s the girl for the job. If you want your audience to walk away feeling rejuvenated, sparked by the notion that they can accomplish whatever they set their mind to and feeling light because they had a chance to laugh, then Sue’s the girl for the job. One thing for sure…there’s always more when you engage Sue.

Nuts and Bolts of Sue’s Experience

  • BA in Psychology
  • Graduate classes in Business (1/2 of an MBA)
  • Certified Professional Behavior Analyst (DISC)
  • Certified Business Growth Curve Specialist
  • Business Owner: Speaker, Educator, Consultant
  • Business Owner: Mobile Diagnostic Imaging