Sue presents a compelling case for utilizing DISC. She engaged my team, to really understand each individual’s unique work style and how it impacts the team’s performance. Light bulbs went on all around the room!

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I use various assessments to get a picture of the composition of the team. Assessments that evaluate work style, preferences, an individual’s motivation and emotional intelligence are used to accomplish this goal.

Benefits of Assessments

Assessments are successfully utilized to better predict how a person will perform. We can learn how a person behaves in the work setting and how they might “adapt” when they play a different role. This can be invaluable in the hiring arena in which most people are on their “best” behavior. An assessment can give us some insight into how a person is likely to communicate, how they might prefer to work and how they might work with others on a team. Assessments can also help us develop as leaders. An assessment can tell us what type of leadership style they may prefer and what leadership competencies they need to develop.

Use of Assessments:

  • Talent Selection
  • Evaluation of Competencies
  • Team Dynamics
  • Leadership Potential
  • Level of adaptability

I offer a wide choice of assessments and if you are interested in pursuing assessments for your organization please contact me and I’ll give you a free link to take an online assessment.

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