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Sue’s quick insight and ability to grasp what is the real roadblock holding an organization back enabled her to help open “windows’ for a team that could not see the light.

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If you’ve ever experienced a morale issue in your organization it could be that you are experiencing some growth trauma. What is growth trauma?  Business growth is an important element of success. If a business is not growing, it’s probably dying, but growth without a plan can be a disaster-you aren’t expecting it and it can significantly affect your flow of business. A symptom of growth trauma is low staff morale, prevalent gossip, resistance, absence of staff buy in, low trust and confidence in upper management. Growth trauma can derail an organization as it spins out of control.

What if you were able to predict growth trauma and understand why your business seems out of control? You can, in fact there are 7 stages of growth that a business experiences. The stage of growth that you’re in depends on the number of employees. Each stage has its unique challenges. The research indicates that successful companies are able to weather the challenges at each stage when they know what to expect. If your company is behind the growth curve, you will experience some of the problems I’ve mentioned.

The objective of the stages of business growth program is to create a primary understanding of the 7 Stages of Growth enterprise development model and identify the hidden agents that are impacting your company’s ability to grow and sustain profitability.  The model focuses on finding where you are on the Stages of Growth X-Ray Map to provide a graphic representation of where your company is in its current stage of growth and compare the company’s view with the ‘ideal’ company for that stage of growth.

Your staff will collectively generate at least 6 – 8 initiatives that provide your company with the right things to focus on for the immediate future based on the knowledge gained from key assessments and an this we will provide a benchmark of progress that can be reviewed in 6 – 9 months in order to evaluate successes achieved and reassess areas of improvement.

Examining your business from this perspective helps senior leadership see the business from a perspective never seen before. This process is enlightening and broadens the responsibility of the success of the business to the entire staff.

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