Change is easy… you go first

Change hasn’t gotten any easier even in this fast paced high tech world. We still have a natural reaction to someone who wishes to change our behavior without our permission! Exploring the reasons for the adverse reaction can help us understand how to better introduce the climate of continual change. Don’t let resistance keep you from forward motion.

In today’s business climate, if something’s not changing it’s probably dead.    Whether the transitions are personal or professional change and our reactions to change have been characterized in various ways, most notable using humorous parables about mice and cheese supplies. Articles have been written, theories espoused and yet many of us still react the same ways to change. Most of us, if honest, don’t like it one bit.  Sue will help you understand why you react to change like you do, what to do before, during and after the change, how to lead through the change and how to stay motivated and upbeat as well as motivating the team to levels of high performance. 

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