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Sue Hansen is a top-notch speaker. Her leadership presentation reviews aspects of not only how to be a leader, but how to communicate and display your vision more clearly to a group. She has a great ability to capture the audience and personalize the presentation.

- Gates Rubber

Every organization has its unique characteristics. In order to succeed, it is imperative to first learn about ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses, preferences, temperament, and information about how we interact with people. Senior managers report that ultimately it will be your knowledge of self and others that determine success. If others know you better than you know yourself-watch out! They have the home court advantage.

Don’t underestimate the power of understanding behavior styles.   When I work with teams and leaders I will assess your “style” and the style of those around you to determine best practice strategies for success. How to communicate best with each style will give participants the skills necessary to know and understand their co-workers.

Having all members assessed helps me complete a picture to determine what is going on. For example if I’m looking at a leadership team that is having difficulty executing the organizational plan, I might be on the lookout for a team comprised of too many members of a particular behavior style.

There are many reasons why a team might not move forward. It is my job to determine if the human element has anything to do with the interruption. I can determine what type of communication issues may be plaguing a team, just by looking at the team of behavior styles. Other factors that can affect team health are team wide disengagement, leadership and staff communication gap, gaps in leadership practices, low morale, or even unclear expectations.

I can help maximize team and leader effectiveness before a problem occurs. I will assess all members of the team, debrief the information in the assessments and bring everyone together to learn about each other’s style of conducting business.

The outcomes of these team meetings can be enlightening, engaging and educational. The long term retention is remarkable because it works.

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“In three short days Sue Hansen kicked-up the level of team work among my staff. She was hired to facilitate our annual staff retreat the goal of which was to increase trust, improve communication and the team’s working relationship. This was a tall order since my staff is largely comprised of very independent, technical-minded, goal-oriented folks with too much work and too few resources. Therefore, we started out with a very tough crowd but Sue quickly broke through the barriers of reluctance, skepticism, and hostility in our group. Then she taught us how to be smarter communicators, followed by setting of ground rules and priorities. She created an atmosphere where employees could honestly state their fears, frustrations, and needs and be heard and responded to by the rest of the group. I have received nothing but good feedback from the group and it is evident that folks are using the tools that Sue taught. I highly recommend Sue to any agency or organization with similar needs, issues and goals.”

- Colorado Department of Natural Resources

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