Most Requested Keynote Topics

Say Yes, to living a life of Passion

In the quickest hour on earth, you will change your thinking on what is of utmost importance to you. Sue will guide you to live your life with meaning and intention-7 simple steps that contribute to a life well lived.

Get the Edge, direction, drive and focus

What motivates you is different from what motivates me. This realization is often “missed” in the working world. Not all of us are energized by increasing revenue by 50% over last year, but we are all energized by something. Once we know what that is…we can conquer anything.

Vitamin C for Businesses & Organizations

We are losing it…creativity. We’ve been standardized tested out of creative thinking. Creative thinking gives rise to innovation, so where will we be without it? If your organization is suffering from lack of vitamin C, Sue can help adjust the dosage.

People Version 10.5

No matter what industry you’ve chosen, you will at some point have to work with people ( I know-Captain Obvious). Instead of seeing people as a hurdle, why not learn from the 10.5 version of soft skills-which instructs you on how to ADAPT to other styles. Sue will give you the scoop on how to best interact with those you would prefer to avoid.

Change is easy…you go first

Change hasn’t gotten any easier even in this fast paced high tech world. We still have a natural reaction to someone who wishes to change our behavior without our permission! Exploring the reasons for the adverse reaction can help us understand how to better introduce the climate of continual change. Don’t let resistance keep you from forward motion.

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