Sue has brought a new level of understanding and clarity to our municipal team through her candid, yet refreshing style.  Our employees and board members have learned the power of self-reflection and positive change through open and honest communications.  

Thank you Sue!

Sue created  a high energy, insightful and engaging presentation on DISC that helped my team understand their unique work styles.     This is not a dreary presentation of work styles to be forgotten before you leave for the day.  The content and self reflection will stay with your team members. 

Sue Hansen is a thoughtful presenter who delivers a full bodied message with skill and style. I would recommend her as a speaker for any group – she provides a great kick off or wrap up for any program.

You did an incredible job-they absolutely loved you! 

Sue is like a shot of “feel good”, down to earth and energizing.   Funny, funny, funny…Barbara baker, City of Phoenix

Right person, right time, and right subject matter! We’re off to a great start!

Sue worked with our team on DISC.  She presented the framework in a clear and insightful manner that allowed  my team members to understand their  unique work style and impact in the workplace.

Sue reels in the audience and delivers a powerful message with good humor and style!

“I asked Sue to work with my long-time assistant and me. She reversed a 15-year trend of poor communication and struggling efficiency. The difference is night and day. We are both more productive, our clients are better served, and we are finally a team working toward common goals. We are also both much happier due to less stress in our work place. “

Sue kicked up the level of teamwork among my staff. Results were better than I could have imagined.

Thank you again for your incredible presentation. You gave me the courage and the tools I need to follow through. You are a great leader and your positive energy is contagious.

Just wondering, do you plug yourself in at night?

I can honestly say that this is one speaker whose advice and methods I was able to take and put to use. I heard you speak on Monday and I can honestly say that within 5 days I became a much more productive person.

Sue presents a compelling case for utilizing DISC.  She engaged my team, to really take understand each individual’s unique work style and how it impacts the team’s performance.  Light bulbs went on all around the room!

Sue is my go-to speaker.   Her down to earth, approachable style combined with her powerful, funny presentation is a winner every time. 


Sue Hansen is an outstanding, creative, high-energy presenter! She was quite adept at weaving in our organization’s messaging throughout her inspirational presentation. Sue kept the audience engaged and interacted with them despite the size of the group!”

Absolutely incredible! I haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time.

“She was a hilarious, inspirational speaker.  An excellent choice for getting our Annual Conference off to a fantastic start.  And the belly laughs – we can always use more of those!”

Sue’s quick insight and ability to grasp what is the real roadblock holding an organization back enabled her to help open “windows’ for a team that could not see the light. She was able to put our team on track giving the group a cohesive focus as we move forward. 

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