People Version 10.5

No matter what industry you’ve chosen, you will at some point have to work with people (I know-Captain Obvious). Instead of seeing people as a hurdle, why not learn from the 10.5 version of soft skills-which instructs you on how to ADAPT to other styles. Sue will give you the scoop on how to best interact with those you would prefer to avoid.

If you want to be successful in business today, you need more than just talent, ability and shear intelligence; you need to be able to navigate the complexity of the interpersonal relationship. You’ll get the latest on people knowledge, how they think, how they communicate and what they want from the leader. Whether you’re hiring new talent, working with partnerships, negotiating major deals or just trying to understand a cranky person in your organization you get better mileage by understanding what makes people tick. Gain a crystal clear understanding of each person’s style, their unique strengths and limitations. Learn to adapt your style to maximize your impact and gain  

Learn how different “personalities” communicate and discover the hidden secret to getting along with everyone. Never again let another person get under your skin.

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